Watermelon Smash

The secret to our Watermelon Smash is that it tastes like REAL watermelon. No really, it’s like we took a watermelon and smashed it, hence the name. No fake watermelon taste here! Unless you like that taste, in that case it tastes just like those watermelon gummies :)
It is the most fundamental aspect of our business Throughout production, in our office, and within our community – sustainability is always our first thought. From off-setting every can we produce, to donating 1% of all our sales to help protect our planet, sustainability is the cornerstone of each aspect of Cove Kombucha.
Raw kombucha* (water, raw cane sugar*, green tea*, black tea*, kombucha culture [yeast, bacterial cultures]), Watermelon juice*, Natural watermelon essence*, Hibiscus tea*, Cherry juice*, Guava puree*, Lime juice*, Natural watermelon flavour. *Organic
Watermelon Juice
Cherry Juice
Guava Puree
Hibiscus Flower

10g of sugar

45 calories

12g of carbs

39g of sugar

153 calories

39g of carbs

“Finally something that tastes like REAL watermelon, not that weird flavouring we all know hahaha”

~ Jody

“Definitely my favvvvv in the 10-pack! 🍉 👊 ❤️ 🍉 👊 ❤️"

~ Dani

“I usually HATE watermelon drinks but the Watermelon Smash is DELISH! 🍉🍉🍉”

~ Emma