Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade is a little sweet from the raspberries, a little sour from the lemons and a whole lotta of flavour. Perfect for a first time kombucha drinker and a longtime kombucha lover.
It is the most fundamental aspect of our business Throughout production, in our office, and within our community – sustainability is always our first thought. From off-setting every can we produce, to donating 1% of all our sales to help protect our planet, sustainability is the cornerstone of each aspect of Cove Kombucha.
Raw kombucha* (water, raw cane sugar*, green tea*, black tea*, kombucha culture [yeast, bacterial cultures]), Raspberry juice*, Raspberry extract*, Natural raspberry flavour*, Natural lemon flavour*, Lemon juice*. *Organic
Raspberry Puree
Lemon Juice

10g of sugar

45 calories

12g of carbs

39g of sugar

153 calories

39g of carbs

“My all time fav!!!! 👏 👏”
~ Sam

“Looks pretty and DELISH! ❤️ ❤️”
~ Tracey

“Drinking a Raspberry Lemonade one now and it is delicious 😛”
~ Dawn